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American Hero Stands For National Anthem And Entire Football Game

By: Zack Peercy Philadelphia, PA—In these controversial times, the bravery of one man has ignited the flame of democracy once again. Levi Nowak of Lackawanna County sent a message to The Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL, the liberal elite, and the salt of the earth American spectators at Lincoln Financial Field by standing for the National Anthem and the entire subsequent game between the Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Noticing the tension revolving around the Anthem last season, escalated by the fact that many of The Eagles refused to accept President Trump’s invitation to the White House, Nowak knew that it… … Keep Reading

February 4th: Tears Across America

By Liz Cohn On this past Super Bowl Sunday, the Eagles took home their first Super Bowl Championship, Kylie Jenner released a video of her pregnancy journey, and NBC broadcasted the death of a fan-favorite character on This Is Us. The eventful day resulted in a nationwide surge of emotions and the aftermath has left millions of people sensitive. Traffic jams and crowded subways caused a major slowdown in the Greater Boston area as Patriots fans, seeking comfort over the loss, commuted to their mothers. Similar transportation congestion affected the city of Philadelphia as Eagles fans went in search of… … Keep Reading

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